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  • Course Duration : 2 Months

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

    Amazon Web Services and Cloud Esssentials

    Mode : Offline
    Days : Monday-Saturday
    Batch Timing : Morning (7:00 to 8 :00 AM, 8:00 to 9 :00 AM )
  • Course Details:
    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Introduction

    AWS Cloud Concepts Essentials

    Introduction to the Cloud

    Introduction to the AWS Cloud

    AWS Core Services Essentials

    Overview of Services and Categories

    Introduction to the AWS Global Infrastructure

    Introduction to Amazon VPC

    Introduction to Security Groups

    Introduction to Compute Services

    Introduction to AWS Storage Services

    Introduction to AWS Database Solutions

    AWS Security Essentials

    Introduction to AWS Security

    The AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    AWS Access Control and Management

    AWS Security Compliance Programs

    AWS Security Resources

    AWS Architecting Essentials

    Introduction to the Well-Architected Framework

    Reference Architecture: Fault Tolerance and High Availability

    Reference Architecture: Web Hosting

    AWS Pricing and Support Essentials

    Fundamentals of Pricing

    Pricing Details

    The TCO Calculator Overview

    AWS Support Plans Overview

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Bonus Materials

    Supplementary videos that enhance concepts learned in the content modules of this course

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Course Summary

    Basic Networking


    Server and its consfigurations

    Introduction to Apache server

    Introduction to Nginx server

    How to use Nginx as Load Balancer

    Introduction to Linux Operating System

    Linux Installation

    Basic software installations.

    File system commands

    Networking related commands

    AWS Services

    Introduction to EC2 Instance

    Create EC2 instance using AWS console.

    Security groups in EC2

    Attaching EBS volumes

    S3 Bucket


    Dynomo DB